The website uses cookies to help certain sections of our program code work correctly. None of the information stored in these cookies identifies you personally. The data is mostly about choices you make on the website and pages you visited so we can monitor how people are using our website to make it even better - please see below for a more detailed list.


Cookies are a little pieces of information that the website stores on your computer. There is no risk of computer viruses or of anyone hacking your computer. They are simply small pieces of text that one page can save, and that can then be read back by other pages. For example, when you log in to websites the login page makes a note that you've entered the correct details. When you visit other pages, they read this note so you don't have to keep on logging in.


You are in full control of cookies. The website has to ask your web browser to store them - it can't save anything onto your computer by itself. If you don't want to accept cookies from websites you'll need to change one of the settings in your browser. Don't forget that if you do this some websites may not work correctly.
  • If you're using Internet Explorer go to the Tools menu and select the Internet Options link. A window will appear. Click the Privacy tab. Here you'll find a slider control that lets you select how cookies are handled.
  • If you're using Firefox go to the Tools menu and select Options. Again go to the Privacy tab and in the History section select the option for 'Firefox will : use custom settings for history'. This will then give you a number of checkboxes where you can turn off cookies.
  • For Google Chrome click on the spanner button. Then click on Settings, Advanced Settings and then click the Content Settings button in the Privacy section. You'll then see a number of options for how cookies are handled. 


The cookies used on this website fall into three main categories.
  • The website itself uses what's known as a session cookie. The information associated with this cookie is actually stored on our computer and not yours. The session cookie lets us remember choices you make while you're on the website. Once you've left the website this cookie is erased.
  • We use Google Analytics to tell us how many people have visited our website and what they do whilst browsing through our pages. No personal information is gathered, it just lets us see in general what people are finding interesting or are having problems with so that we can make our website better in the future.
  • The social media buttons (Facebook, Twitter, etc) use cookies to allow you to interact with your own accounts. These cookies are used by the social media sites - we don't have any access to your account or log in information. 
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