2020 initiative eliminating negative impact on the environment

Interface is the world’s largest manufacturer of modular carpet.


In Europe, Interface has manufacturing sites in Craigavon, Northern Ireland, and Scherpenzeel, in the Netherlands.

The group’s association with Interface began in 2008, with frequent inbound services running semi-finished goods for carpet manufacture from Craigavon in Northern Ireland to the Interface Production Unit in Scherpenzeel. Around 99% of the products Interface sells in Europe are manufactured in Europe.


For UK and European distribution, Interface takes advantage of the group’s wide service portfolio which operates both groupage and full load services to Ireland and Europe. For Interface, utilising groupage helps prevent trucks travelling with partial loads, reduces emissions and saves more than €300,157 a year in distribution costs.

The Interface supply chain is focused on maximum efficiency, and the group provide a seamless delivery and backhaul operation of finished product, which is delivered to customers on timed deliveries. Communication between parties is via Electronic Data Interchange (EDI).

Despite the vast volume of carpet produced in Craigavon every day, there is no warehouse facility on-site. And, given that there is limited parking space for trailers, all products are immediately loaded on trucks in preparation for dispatch. This part of the operation requires flawless management between the group and Interface, as a mistake in planning would result in significant lost production time.

As further evidence of the ongoing collaboration between both parties and to help Interface towards it Zero targets, the group and Interface recently reviewed and optimised the loading efficiency of the trunking line between Craigavon and Scherpenzeel. This in turn further reduced the carbon footprint of linehaul transportation.

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